Begonia Conchifolia - Red Ruby

Begonia Conchifolia - Red Ruby

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The circular, deep-green leaves on this begonia also feature a distinctive red dot in the centre. From winter to spring, delicate and fragrant white flowers rise above the foliage.

This plant is easy to care for and likes to be placed in bright spaces outwith of direct sunlight. 


Plant Care

Light - Likes bright indirect sunlight conditions. Not suited to low light or direct sunlight.

Watering - Prefers having moist soil. To keep this plant happy, top up with water when the top layer of the soil dries out. 

Temperature - Ideally prefers being kept at room temperature.

Humidity - Best suited to a humid environment and appreciates being situated amongst plant friends, as well as a light misting on hot days. 

Toxicity - Is toxic if ingested. 

Pot Size 12cm

Height 25cm